Strategic Consulting

Strategic Counseling

The Wedgemere team has experience and expertise in a number of different disciplines and functions that it can apply in helping its clients across several different areas:

Marketing and Business Development

Wedgemere has been a consultant to venture capital and private equity firms, helping them understand markets and industry developments and segmentation. Other consulting efforts have been focused on helping technology companies assess market opportunities and design marketing approaches. Wedgemere has also been engaged to help educate a client’s team or staff on industry issues and policy, along with the implications of such on business activity.

Government Relations

Wedgemere has a long record of success in assisting clients in the identification of policy threats and opportunities, as well as the design and execution of strategies to accomplish the goals that it helps clients establish. Wedgemere has demonstrated success at both the state and federal policy levels, and has helped to shape both legislative and regulatory policy outcomes.

Public Relations

Wedgemere understands the importance of communications, including messaging and positioning. It works with clients to design and implement strategies that focus not just on talking to target audiences, but also conveying the understanding of what the client is trying to get across. Wedgemere is experienced in developing high-quality events, websites, newsletters, and other communications vehicles that help accomplish that objective.

Grid Modernization and Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Wedgemere is considered to have played a major role in the creation and evolution of the demand response and smart grid industries.  It created the first coalitions and associations in the U.S. and the world in these areas.  Wedgemere has been lauded for its abilities to be the first to “connect the dots” between emerging and evolving issues and industry areas to identify industry trends and developments before they are widely evident, such as the rise of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in the utility industry.

Climate Change and the Electricity Industry

Wedgemere created the first national event focused on how smart grid (broadly defined to include DR, DER, Storage, Microgrids, etc) can help address climate change, from the standpoints of both emissions reduction and resiliency. ( Starting with the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009 and continuing through the most recent UN meeting in Paris, Wedgemere has taken UN-credentialed Delegations of Cleantech companies to these conferences and has been repeatedly been selected by the UN to be a presenter during the official program for these events.  Dan reported on the Paris COP on this website’s blog but also via reports published in the well-regarded Utility Dive Newsletter

Wedgemere’s Accomplishments

  • Advocated before Congress on energy, environmental, economic, and tax policy for over 25 years. Played a role in 2005 and 2007 in the design and language of the first ever national policy on demand response and smart grid. Involved in 2009 on policy to establish and implement the Smart Grid provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
  • Advocated on state regulatory policy in California, Idaho, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and other states. Cited several times by regulators as having provided key expertise and advice on elements of final policy established.
  • Creator and manager of the first smart grid delegation to the United Nation’s Conference of the Parties (COPs), the series of worldwide meetings aimed at reaching a climate change accord. Assembled and led delegations to meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark; Cancun, Mexico; and Durban, South Africa. Selected to brief the U.S. Speaker of the House and the Congressional Delegation to Copenhagen on clean technology issues.
  • Representative of the U.S. as the DOE-designated “Country Expert” on demand response in a multi-country project run by the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA).
  • Expert witness and deliverer of testimony before Congressional Committees on several occasions. Presenter and witness at numerous hearings conducted by federal and state agencies.
  • Advisor to the White House on federal executive action, and advisor to the official Presidential Transition Team.
  • Wedgemere President Dan Delurey has been named by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to be a member of the Agency’s official Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.
  • Wedgemere has considerable international experience. In addition to managing U.S. participation in projects of the International Energy Agency, it has performed services for the governments of the State of New South Wales and the nation of New Zealand. As a consultant to USAID, it has conducted research focused on India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. It has also delivered event management services in South Africa.